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So I’ve been meaning to do a Things I’ve Learned page for ages. Just little snippets of info as and when I find them and think I may need them again. And I thought, well if I need them, somebody else might need them.

So here it is, I will update this page as and when I find those little things that might not fit elsewhere on the site.

Writing an Atari ST image to a USB Floppy Drive

So something like 30 years after I got my Atari STFM, I spotted the original boxed copy of Magic Pockets for sale and duly received it for my Birthday.

It booted up to the title screen and started blasting out Betty Boo’s “Doin’ The Do” – which was all excellent. But then when I tried to load the first level, the disk was just making continuous grinding noises and refused to load.


So what do you do in this situation? Well I have the original purchased copy, so what I needed was a “backup” copy. You can find games downloads all over the Internet of course, and I’m not pointing you to any sites here!

So I found a copy of Magic Pockets and downloaded it, only to find it was a disk image – .ST format.

I didn’t have any idea what to do with it, and also discovered nothing out there likes writing Atari ST images to external USB Floppy Drives. Eventually though, I found a way…

  • Download a .ST image file
  • Put a Double-Density disk in the floppy drive, not a High Density disk
  • Open a command prompt and format your disk, in this instance mine was in drive A:
    FORMAT A: /T:80 /N:9
  • Download and install Rawrite32 from here: https://www.netbsd.org/~martin/rawrite32/download.html
  • Run the program, and it should look like this:
  • Click on Open and browse to your .ST image files (you’ll probably have to select all files *.* in the dropdown)
  • Click on the Cog wheel for the settings and choose Logical Drive
  • Then select A: (or wherever your Floppy Drive is) from the Target dropdown
  • Then click on Write to disk…

That’s it! The things I’ve learned are now things you have learned! Bung it in your Atari and enjoy!

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