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Shooty Fruity

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Welcome to Shooty Fruity – a game that sounds like it’s being voiced by Janine from Ghostbusters!

So now you’re reading this in Janine’s voice aren’t you?

This is a game concept that just shouldn’t work. You’re a supermarket cashier, and you need to scan an endless supply of groceries. At the same time however, you’re being attacked by some particularly angry and vicious fruit.

Luckily, there’s also an endless supply of guns that come past you, suspended above your till. Grab some guns and stock-pile them for when the fruit attacks, or just grab them as they go past. There’s limited ammo before each gun breaks however. Now shoot the fruit!

Here’s the staff room. Come and put your virtual feet up!

You start the game in the staff room, where you can get instructions on how to play, grab some new guns from the vending machine, or try out a bit of target. Just grab a punchcard when you’re ready to start your shift. You can also adjust the height of your till and how high above your head the guns should be – handy!

Get to work!

Once you start your shift, you get some more instructions, then it’s time to start scanning. This is a fairly sedate affair for all of a few seconds. Grab some guns and put them to one side while you can. Soon enough Janine announces over the tannoy that the “fruit are revolting!” – and so they are. Somewhere near the back of the store there’s a snigger, and suddenly there are some very mischievous apples bouncing towards you. “Scan the goods and shoot the fruit.”

Scan the goods…

This game is literally a blast! It is ridiculously fun trying to shoot the fruit, all the time trying to remember to scan the goods that are piling up on your till. The more you scan, the better the weapons you get, plus you’ll get some handy power-ups too.

So there you have it. Wave after wave of fruit intent on destroying your till. It becomes seriously chaotic at times, with different fruit coming at you at different speeds, some needing more hits than others, while you are frantically grabbing at the next loaded gun, or trying to scan some more goods.

I can thoroughly recommend this game, and the narrative from Janine is extremely entertaining too. So what are you waiting for?!

…shoot the fruit!

Developer Site: http://www.ndreams.com/titles/shootyfruity/

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