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A fun game that keeps you coming back for “just one more go” !

Look at me mixing things up and putting the summary first!

holoball is basically a futuristic version of Pong. In Virtual Reality. With some bangin’ tunes. And a car. And it’s also a tiny bit like squash. With two racquets.

Okay, that didn’t really sell it to you did it? But it is a lot of fun. You are at one end of a grid, with an AI opponent (a red box) at the other end. Simply whack the ball past your opponent to score. Easy innit? Well, no. It’s actually pretty hard work. I mean, you have to walk around and swing your arms and stuff. Physical activity. And you thought PSVR games were all sit-down affairs…

Look ma! I scored.

So, with 2 Move Controllers in hand(s), you VR-magically have two bats/paddles to whack the ball with. I seem to forget about the one in my left hand though, too much tennis I guess. When I do remember to use my left hand, that’s when I’m reminded that you need a lot of space to play these games – as my living room curtains take a whack!

As I expand my VR game catalogue, I’m discovering more and more that my living room just isn’t big enough (nearly fell into the tree at Christmas time while playing VR Ping Pong). When I first tried holoball, the in-game menus were literally in my face, and I had to either stand to one side or stand on the sofa to hit the ball to start a round. A bit of camera adjustment and things were a lot more comfortable.

Haven’t quite made it onto the High Score charts yet.

There are two modes of play. Campaign or Arcade. These incorporate various levels of play, such as Zen (practice mode), Easy, Medium, Hard, Endurance, Score Attack – you get the idea. There are also a number of setup options for adjusting your in-game height, the size of the arena, etc. Very useful if you want to stop whacking the curtains.

Oh, and don’t let the AI score any points off you, ‘cos then there are all manner of pixels going off on your car. Yes, the car. That car behind you, which I didn’t even notice for several games! I did mention it earlier, but you weren’t paying attention were you?

Protect the car!

I don’t really like the car that much. I can live without it. Even the AI sarcastically disses your car. I can’t let the AI beat me though, and that’s where the urge to keep coming back for more comes from.

holoball has lovely futuristic graphics, and is yet another game with some awesome music. Plus it’s great fun to play. It’s especially nice to get a bit of a workout too!

That’s you that is.

Developer Site: http://holoball.net/

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