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Hi! Are you the KLF? Do you have money to burn? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do this. I think this may even be the reason why I haven’t posted anything new for FOUR MONTHS!

Let’s make this quick then. Go and spend your money elsewhere. In fact, don’t spend it all. If you are determined to waste your money anyway, then maybe go and buy a lottery ticket? Anything to avoid this rubbish.

Choose your amazing VR game…

I’m sorry. I must apologise to the developers, but this is poor. These games would have blown you away on Google Cardboard when you first tried VR. But they do not exactly push the PS4 to its full potential.

There are 9… sigh… “games” for you to play. On paper they sound good. Paper (or cardboard – see what I did there?) is where they should stay.

Shoot the incredibly well-animated Turkeys (cough). Or just shoot yourself really.

So what do you get? Here’s a list because even writing about this is worse than having your teeth pulled:

  1. Sisters. What am I doing? Shining a torch here and there and not getting scared by the jump scares.
  2. Space Bit Attack. Almost VR Space Invaders. Potential. Too slow. Got bored.
  3. Polyrunner. Looks all right on the pictures I suppose. Didn’t play it. Was comatose by this stage.
  4. 405 Road Rage. Could be quite decent, if it didn’t look like I’d drawn it. Still lost interest very quickly. Move your head. Avoid oncoming cars.
  5. Alpha Turkey Hunt. See the image above. I’ve had more fun cutting my toenails.
  6. Jurassic Survival. A poor attempt at a wave shooter. Ooh. The not very big not very scary poorly animated dinosaur is coming at me. I’d better shoot it. Or switch it off maybe?
  7. Gumi No Yumi. What? Some puzzle thingy. No idea.
  8. Dreadhalls. Wouldn’t even load. Maybe it’s amazing?!!
  9. Z-Strike. This has potential. Shoot zombies from above by launching missiles at them while you try to protect the humans who are running in all directions. Just a bit poor in the graphics department. Good premise for a decent game. You can’t go wrong with Zombies can you?

So, to summarise, I don’t really like this game!

Developer Site: https://www.herocadevr.com/

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