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Gunjack Baby!

This. Is. Fun!

Gunjack is basically a wave shooter, set in the Eve Universe. And it’s a blast!

Step into the boots of a gunjack, a lone gunner with an impossible job: shoot everything that moves. Jack into your turret, power up your guns, and defend your mining platform from deadly waves of enemy ships determined to blast you and your crew into oblivion.

Choose your humiliation level

You start off in what I guess amounts to the cargo bay of your mothership. Choose your level, climb into your turret and off you go. Stick your headphones on for a fully immersive experience here – as if I need to tell you that.

Once you’re in your turret, you get a neat little animation, through a kind of launch tunnel and out into space.

This must be some usage of the word “turret” I’ve never come across before!



Everything starts off gently enough, with a few ships at a time attacking you. And the controls are great. Just look at where you want to shoot and hit fire! Love it. After a few gentle waves, things start to ramp up rather nicely. Fortunately though, you are aided in your mission by a few power-ups: homing missiles, extra shields, laser beams, etc.

After you’ve unleashed a few rounds of ammo, you need to reload. This requires an element of timing, of which I have zero ability. Instead of anticipating a gap in the action and reloading then, I usually choose the moment when 6 enemy ships are firing missiles straight at me!

D’oh! Forgot to reload again

Should your turret get destroyed, there is a handy continue option – saves you having to do everything all over again. Thank you Gunjack Developers!


All in all this is a great game. Nausea free, which is always a bonus. A simple concept, well executed, and definitely well worth the £3.99 price tag!

Developer Site: https://www.gunjack.com/

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