What you got there sour grapes?


So why a PSVR Blog? Purely because I wanted to.

I’m absolutely not a gamer, I’m rubbish at games and most of the time I have no idea what anyone is talking about. What’s a PUBG when it’s at home? What do you need a Scar for? And remind me again why I’m parting with my hard earned cash to buy my son some V-Bucks? No idea.

However, I still enjoy playing games and I love Virtual Reality. For me, PSVR was the cheapest way into VR world, and I think it’s brilliant. Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of using the Vive on a high-end PC – thank you http://viveblog.com!  (I’ve also shamelessly pinched this blog’s look from there too.) Yes, I’ve used Google Cardboard – and that is still impressive, up to a point. But those clever people at Sony have come up with a real winner here if your budget is limited.

So this blog is about my experiences with the various VR games – real life experiences. Not written by any expert reviewers or YouTubers. And, unless I get very lucky and someone sends me free stuff, then all of the reviews will be for games I’ve purchased myself. If I’ve been supplied a free copy for review, I will tell you.

Anyhoo, enough of these ramblings. Off you do go and read some reviews. This site is in its early stages, but I will do my best to get as much content on here as soon as I can.

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